Praise for Sonia Saikaley, The Lebanese Dishwasher, Turkish Delight, Montreal Winter, A Samurai's Pink House and The Allspice Bath

“This compact novel is impressively encompassing.” – The Globe and Mail

“Sonia Saikaley writes affectingly about immigrants who struggle to survive and to attain some modicum of the freedom and “good life” that impelled them to emigrate…The Lebanese Dishwasher showcases Saikaley’s talents well.” – the Coastal Spectator

"Sensuous and shocking, a turbulent voyage of a book. I never thought I'd call a volume of poetry a page-turner, but this one is." - Susan Musgrave

"Peppered with graceful insight." - The Japan Times

"The clear, smooth and crystal-like language of Sonia Saikaley falls on us like gentle kissing cherry blossom petals." – Maple Tree Literary Supplement

"The Allspice Bath" is reminiscent of a modern folk tale…an enjoyable, yet emotional story…many will read this with a box of tissue handy. - The Miramichi Reader